As a firm among lawyers, VILLA & Associati believes in sustainability and transparency in the processes that govern its operation from the inside out.

From the clarity and traceability of these procedures descends the perceived value of the firm and those who are part of it, as well as the relative ability to determine itself in an ethical manner with the environment and surrounding communities.

In the wake of the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles that must guide any business activity, VILLA & Associati has expressed its commitment to sustainable development by adopting initiatives:

• For maximum transparency and external knowability of the project’s accounting and financial sustainability values by publishing the approved financial statements (“Last Approved Financial Statements”) and the company’s corporate visura updated to the latest changes (Visura)

• For the reduction of the environmental impacts of the Firm’s activities and energy consumption (Environmental Policy);

• For the improvement of welfare policies to support employees and their families, to support those most in need, and for gender equality within the Firm’s organizational chart (Equal Opportunity Policy);

• for the maintenance of the best standards of conduct – in keeping with an open culture of ethics, transparency and accountability – among all members of the Firm (Code of Ethics)

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