Project Brazil

Project Brasil is an internship and cultural exchange project with Brazilian lawyers and law professionals, aimed at starting an ongoing collaboration to consolidate the knowledge in the field of migration law already acquired by the professionals of VILLA & Associati who are in charge of the relevant legal practice.

The subjects that will be explored in the course of the experience concern not only the recognition of Italian citizenship pursuant to Article 1 of Law 91/1992, but also ESG issues and the protection of human rights in line with the most recent proposals of law at EU level for the identification, cessation, prevention, mitigation and accounting of negative impacts on human rights and the environment in corporate activities, in their subsidiaries and in their value chains (on the model already applied in South America, where the phenomenon has long been attentively monitored and regulated).

Attorney Francesca Pepa and attorney Giada Orioli, currently leading Project Brazil, will document their activities day by day, through a real travel diary, with insights into the places, people and contexts they met, so as to offer an immersive representation of the experience.

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Professionals involved in the operaction

Avv. Francesca Pepa

Francesca Pepa Attorney

Associate. Bologna Office

She has been a Member of the Firm since 2022, she performs judicial and extrajudicial counseling activities dealing with civil law, in its broadest sense.

Avv Giada Orioli

Giada Orioli Attorney

Partner. Bologna Office

She has been a member of the Firm since 2020 and has previous experience at leading law firms in the Bologna Forum.

She specializes in civil law, with a focus on issues of labor sanctions law, employment and undeclared work, bookkeeping and mandatory documents, assisting companies in proceedings against the Labor Inspectorate and INPS.

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