VILLA & Associati is incorporated in 2019 as one of the first Societies Among Lawyers in Italy pursuant to Article 4-bis of Law No. 247 of 2012 (inserted by Art.1, paragraph 141, Law No. 124/2017 and, then, further supplemented by Law No. 205/2017), as an ideal vehicle for the centralisation and more agile management of banking assignments (Banks and Financial Intermediaries pursuant to Art. 106 T.U.B.), judicial recovery of impaired loans of banking origin (UTP and NPL) and commercial credits in general.

The aim of the founding partners was to broaden the scope of VILLA & Associati’s activities, by launching the firm into a wider range of areas of expertise, such as civil law (in its broadest sense), commercial and corporate law, labour law, inheritance and family law.

Thus, a search was launched for young, passionate and competent professionals, who could pursue common objectives of competence, quality of work and ability to interpret clients’ needs.


VILLA & Associati can currently define itself as an independent boutique law firm, composed of more than 20 members, including partners, associates and administrative collaborators operating out of two different offices, one in Bologna and the other in Ravenna.

Thanks to the partnership with Studio Legale Mazzanti of Bologna, VILLA & Associati has broadened the range of its skills and services to clients, incorporating assistance and protection activities in the fields of criminal economic law, criminal corporate law, criminal bankruptcy law, criminal tax law and environmental criminal law.

On the other hand, the support and constant collaboration with the firm of chartered accountants Zannini e Associati of Bologna has fostered VILLA & Associati’s entry into the world of M&A activities and the conclusion of important corporate transactions involving the acquisition of shareholdings and business branches, joint ventures, mergers or demergers, in partnership with Italian and foreign Private Equity funds.

VILLA & Associati currently has a code of ethics, internal executive committees, career and remuneration plans, based on meritocracy and gender equality.


VILLA & Associati sets no limits and aims, as quickly as possible, to consolidate itself as a reference brand in the legal services market at national and international level, under the banner of sustainability, inclusiveness and transparency.

The opening of offices in other cities, the creation of a network of international collaborations with other firms, the acquisition of new professional resources, the expansion of its expertise to new areas of law, and the implementation of social impact initiatives are just some of the objectives that VILLA & Associati intends to achieve in its immediate future.

All this, with the ambition to constantly improve and set challenging goals, while respecting the centrality of the needs of clients, society and the environment that surrounds us.


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