Immigration Law.

The Law Firm deals with immigration and Italian citizenship in all its forms.

Thanks to a dedicated focus team, VILLA e Associati provides assistance, advice and advocacy for any descendant of Italian blood, regardless of generation, in proceedings for the recognition or granting of citizenship, or in appeals against the silence or denial thereof.

The firm has numerous proceedings in the field of recognition of citizenship by descent from Italian ancestors. The activity consists of several stages: from the preparatory stage and document analysis, to assistance in the judicial process, up to the concrete attainment of the status of citizen iure sanguinis, which takes place with transcriptions in the civil registers.

Thanks to a consolidated network of partners (entities, agencies, professionals) both Italian and foreign, VILLA e Associati is able to complete the assistance with the preliminary activities inherent to the collection of documents to be presented in court and the related apostille and translation formalities.

With regard to proceedings concerning citizenship applications, whether by marriage or by residency, in accordance with Articles 5 and 9 of Law n° 91 of 5 February 1992 (so-called citizenship by naturalisation), the Law Firm deals primarily with the presentation, management and solicitation of citizenship applications through the telematic system set up by the Ministry of the Interior.

The focus team of VILLA e Associati will be in charge of monitoring and soliciting the progress of the administrative procedure, up to the attainment of Italian citizenship: In this context, both (i) the solicitation activity plays a fundamental role, taking into account the usual processing deadlines and the lengthening, following various legislative interventions, of the deadline for the conclusion of the procedure from 730 days to 36 months; (ii) the activity of contrasting the notice of denial of citizenship, which can be implemented through the submission of defence briefs aimed at stimulating a review of the Administration’s orientation before a final denial of the application is formed.

PROJECT BRAZIL: Completion of the questionnaire to verify the right to obtain Italian citizenship

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