Family Law and
personal protection.

The Law Firm deals with matrimonial law and family disputes, cohabitation, filiation, adoption, kinship and affinity.

The particularity and delicacy of the interests involved, not only patrimonial but also and above all personal, require special care and attention: for these reasons, the firm pays attention, from the first interview, to listening to the client and to his or her needs.

The Firm offers comprehensive assistance in matters of separation and divorce, civil unions, de facto cohabitation, contracts of cohabitation, personal and property relations between spouses, between parties to a civil union and between de facto cohabitees, custody and maintenance of children, recognition of a natural child, limitation and forfeiture of parental authority, harassment in the family and damages.

The firm’s professionals are also involved in asset management, acting as administrators of dormant inheritances and support administrators on appointment by the court.

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